Swiggy Partners with ITW to Sponsor the New Speed Gun Technology for South Africa vs India Series

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swiggy- partners-with- ITW-to- Sponsor-the- New-Speed- Gun- Technology- for-South- Africa-vs-India-Series

The series saw a new branding technique integrated seamlessly into the game, with Swiggy’s “Speedgun” innovation measuring the pace of the ball that is bowled. The upcoming ODI and T20I series will be very fiercely contested between both sides, with South Africa having clinched the test series, but Virat Kohli’s side on the up after a morale-boosting victory in the the third test at the Wanderers. Swiggy has become almost synonymous with the concept of ordering and delivery of food in all the metropolitan cities. The large variety of food available to customers and the quick delivery are the two things that set Swiggy apart from a lot of other similar setups. In partnership with ITW, Swiggy has been offered a unique opportunity to display their brand, via an innovation called The “Speedgun.” The added advantage of this branding activity is that it offers Swiggy’s brand visibility while the game is going on, as opposed to the other ads that appear during the breaks. The Speedgun is an innovation aimed at measuring the speed of the deliveries that are bowled during the course of the games and the series. Whenever a ball of a certain speed is bowled, the speedgun appears on the scrreen, informing the viewing audience about the pace of the delivery that just whizzed by. Unlike the usual method of displaying just the speed on the bottom of the screen, it appears a speed gun on the screen of the viewers. This branding innovation from ITW, while giving Swiggy great brand visibility, also aims to reignite the interest and passion cricket fans have for raw and unadelterated pace bowling, which has always been something that fans all over the world have loved witnessing.

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