It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane.. No! It’s Skoda Flogos

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ITW and PHD Media brings SKODA the most exciting innovation in sports marketing technology.

The Unimoni Asia Cup 2018 has been entertaining so far, to say the least. There were some surprises along the way, as Sri Lanka found themselves on a flight back home much sooner than they would have imagined, while Hong Kong played some excellent cricket to push the Men in Blue to the very edge, before bowing out with their heads held high. Now that India have booked themselves a place in the final, here’s something else that’s been grabbing attention at the ongoing Unimoni Asia Cup in the UAE.

SKODA, as one of the proud Associate Sponsors of the tournament knew that a chance to represent their brand at the Asia Cup in the UAE would be a great opportunity, given the number of cricket-crazed fans that throng the stadium and cherish the action on Live Television, every time the big nations turn up to lock horns. However, from an activation standpoint, a mere Car display was not going to do it for them. There had to be something new, something innovative and something unheard of in the game of sports marketing. ’Simply Clever’ it had to be!

This is where ITW came in. ITW brought PHD Media an idea that has never been tried before in multi-nation sporting events. The FLOGO. They were given the opportunity to have SKODA’s name displayed in a one-of-a-kind manner.

A Flogo (or ‘flying logo’) or foam balloon, is a shaped mass of lighter-than-air soap bubbles. They are not balloons as they have no envelope but consist merely of a raft of soap bubbles filled with helium. They are shaped by being moulded repeatedly from the launching machine. (As per Wikipedia)

Imagine if a brand name could be seen in a completely different way to what we already know? Apart from the LED boards, the Sightscreens and so on, here is a uniquely interesting way to display a brand name/logo, cherished by one and all.

ITW is always committed to provide unique and innovative branding opportunities to different brands across the world. Holding in-stadia and on-ground rights for a majority of international tournaments, ITW continues to associate brands with the exhilarating competition of cricket, accompanied well by curating innovative Activations and Engagement for them.

In an #ITWFirst venture, SKODA decided to use Flogos to display their brand name across the 2 venues for this year’s edition of the Asia Cup during the matches. Never before, has a brand or company used the concept of Flogos to advertise during a multi-nation tournament of such grandeur.

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