Dalmia Cement Partners with ITW to Sponsor Hawkeye Analysis for South Africa vs India Series

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The hawkeye analysis for the test series was sponsored by Dalmia cements, giving viewers a comprehensive analysis of the game. Having recently concluded the 3-test series with a nail-biting finish at the Wanderers, both teams will be raring to go in the upcoming ODI and T20I series. The Indian team will be looking to avenge their test series defeat by coming back strong in the ODI and T20I series. Having been a manufacturer of high quality cements since 1939, Dalmia has grown to become one of the most trusted and sought-after cement brands in today’s market, with quality and a proven track-record turning out to be their biggest selling point. Dalmia cements, in partnership with ITW, sponsored the hawkeye technology for the three-match Test series as part of a branding innovation technique. The Hawkeye is introduced to cricket series to make sure the viewers are up to date with everything that happens on the pitch, and to ensure they are never left in the dark over any on-field happenings. In-game analysis with Hawkeye is made possible by precise 3D mapping, and offers a chance to display the brand without an actual ad break.

The system includes a comprehensive ball-tracking software, that has the ability to judge how the far a ball has been hit, how the pitch map looks for different bowlers, and can even show details like how the ball deviates, and how the deviated path is different from the actual path. It also comes along with technology to check for LBW’s and caught-behind scenarios.

The use of the Hawkeye system in the series provides a more in-depth analysis of the game for viewers, while ITW helped Dalmia cement to gain maximum brand awareness and visibility in the process.

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